7 Spring Garden Tips for the Home Gardener

Great Ideas for a Tip Top Garden this Spring

Get your garden into tip top shape this spring

Wow, spring is here already

So now is the perfect time to perform many tasks for the healthy growth of your garden and to make it thrive during the coming summer heat.

1. Weed Now

  Spring is the time to get weeds under control 

Before the heat and large growth spurts that come with it, get a head start on those weeds.  Weeding now will help stop the spread during the summer months and give your plants and lawn much better conditions to grow and flourish.

Weeding in spring
fertilize for healthy growth

2. Fertilizing for Healthy Growth

Fertilizing gives important nutrients to foster healthy growth

If you have been composting during autumn and winter, now is the time to put that to good use.  Spread the componst evenly around your garden beds at the base of plants to put the nutrients into the ground.  If you haven’t composted, no problems.  A good quality plant fertilizer is available from your local nursery and will contain the minerals required to help your plants thrive.

Your lawns need fertilizer too.  To help spread over larger areas, a fertilizer spreader will make the task a whole lot easier.  There are a number of weed and feed products that come in a handy bottle with a hose attachment for easy application.  Be sure to select the correct type as many are not suitable for broad leaf grasses and can actually damage or kill your lawn.  Always read the label before application.

If you live in a high clay area, remember to break up your soil by using gypsum then aerating afterwards.  This helps moisture and nutrients to get through the soil down to the roots of your plants.  

3. Mulch in your garden

Mulch is a natural way to keep water amd nutrients in the ground

By using mulch in your garden beds, you keep moisture and nutrients right where your plants need them.  It is also a great way to keep weeds growth down as it helps smother them. 

Using a mulching lawn mower is a fantastic way to keep your lawn healthy and green.  A good rule of thumb for mowing is to only take about a third off as this won’t stress the grass blades too much and will promote for healthy growth.  Remember, don’t mulch your lawn when it is too wet and only do it when it is not overgrown.  The mulched lawn clippings will also help to keep weeds under control to give a healthy and great looking lawn.

For more information on lawn mowing tips, refer to our online blog post or issue 9 of our Green Tips Newsletter. Contact us if you would like a copy.     


mulch in your garden in spring
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4. Perfect Planting Time

This is the time to be planting.  Don’t Delay

Early to mid spring is the perfect time to plant.  If you are planning on doing some planting this year, then do it now…

You can plant seeds, seedlings or take cuttings from your favourite plants, or from friends and family.  Native plants grow well in spring so if you can get cuttings, plant them now for a hardy plant ideal for our Aussie climate.

Planting in a pot will help germination and you can also put the pot in an area that can be protected from birds and other wildlife. 

5. Veggie Patch Time

                        Home grown fresh vegetables are healthy, delicious and can save you money too.

This spring, why not make a little vegetable garden.  It’s a great way to get fresh veggies and keep up a healthy lifestyle.  And you’ll save a bunch of money too.  And the feeling you get from eating fresh veggies that you know you grew is second to none. 

Vegetables that are good to grow this time of year are tomatoes, capsicums, chilies, cucumbers, eggplants, beans, spring onions, basil & dill.

Make sure you use natural pesticides to keep pests away whilst not affecting your crop of fresh veggies.  To make them grow strong and fast, use a dose of liquid fertilizer and seaweed once every 7 – 10 days.

Grow a Vegetable Patch
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6. Prune Flowering Plants

We all love the blossom of flowers and roses in spring.

Once their show is over, it is the time to prune them to get them ready for next year.  Don’t forget to fertilize them for best results.

7. Gardening for Kids

Kids of all ages love to potter around with you in the garden. 

Get them started at a young age to help them appreciate the garden. Toddlers love being outside smelling and seeing the colours of nature.  3 – 6 year olds love picking fruit and veggies so give them tasks that help build their sense of achievement.  7 – 9 year olds can learn responsibility if you give them their own little patch to look after and nurture.  At this age, they can be involved in planting and doing other small tasks around the garden.  Give your kids a “green thumb” by getting them involved in your garden.  They’ll love it and so will you.

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